La Basse Cour: B&B near Alencon, Normandy

Picking Forest Mushrooms in France

Mushrooms in the Perseigne Forest, Normandy

While staying at La Basse Cour B&B in any season but winter, if you take a walk in the forest you will inevitably come across fungi and mushrooms in your path. Beware! There are many edible types but don't be tempted to try them unless you are sure you can identify them. Here are our favourite edibles and a couple of common poisonous ones. Be aware that the boletus and amanitus families in particular contain many other types that can lead to stomach upsets and worse.

  • Cep - Penny Bun
  • Chestnut mushroom
  • Pine Cep
  • Yellow Cep
  • Chanterelle
  • Parasol Mushroom
  • Hedgehog Mushroom
  • Oyster mushroom
  • Young Shaggy Ink Cap - not good once open
  • Earth Ball - Inedible
  • Fly Agaric - Poisonous
  • Honey Fungus - Inedible
  • Destroying Angel - Poisonous